Single Cloud

SoundCloud is great. There is a lot of good music available there and it is a wonderful platform for artists to share their work. I often find myself listening to a song there and thinking – I want to share this with someone, or I want to play just that one song I liked. But problem is it’s not possible to share/play just that one song, because SoundCloud ends up playing the recommended/related songs after that song finishes.

I wanted to find a way around this and ended up tackling it on a cold winter day in New York, back in January 2015.

The result is SingleCloud

I couldn’t decide if the name should be SingleCloud or SingleSound. I was leaning more towards SingleSound because it made more literal sense, but over time SingleCloud grew on me and in the end, SingleCloud prevailed – it’s a single cloud in a cloud of sounds (SoundCloud).

Now you can share just that one SoundCloud song you like, using SingleCloud:

Nils Frahm - Says

It’ll play just that one song and nothing more.

And it doesn’t look half bad.

SingleCloud Screen Shot

There are things I would like to improve with the experience, but this is where it is now.

Behind the Scenes

SingleCloud combines the SoundCloud API with the embed widget to achieve the single song result. It is all implemented client side using JavaScript code. The Backbone.js Router makes it possible to have shareable URLs. Skeleton CSS framework was used for the minimal resposive design.

The source code is availalbe on Github.

The website is hosted using Github Pages and has CloudFlare’s CDN in front, making the load times nice and fast!

SingleCloud Load Time - Chrome DevTools Network Panel

If you have any feature requests or issues, mention them here.

Oct 2015

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